Collabs with Canoe & Lake – Canoe and Lake

Collabs with Canoe & Lake

Airbnb / VRBO Collabs:

Canoe & Lake is best photographed at unique beautiful cabins.  Through our partnerships with hosts they can expect a full gallery of still images and increased exposure to potential guests. 

All packages include a cabin walkthrough reel posted on @canoe_and_lake and two stories during the stay (Min).  Canoe & Lake uses this photography over an extended period of time which allows the Airbnb to get exposure every time Canoe & Lake posts content from their stay.

We are very selective in the Airbnb / VRBO stays we work with as the place must be aspirational to our followers and meets our brand look and feel.


- Host reaches out to Canoe & Lake via DM on Instagram & align on dates alternative contact is

- Once dates are approved the host can checkout based on the agreed upon Collab Tour - This provides the Airbnb with a receipt for tax write off purposes under their Marketing budget.

Host Requirements:

- Hosts must really be kind and easy to work with.  It is a lot of work to develop all the content needed and we just seek grateful hosts.  We have spent years and thousands to grow our audience so lending our following to transition to become your following is a huge effort.  We don't sit on stays, we work the entire time.


- Collaborating with @canoe_and_lake for a Giveaway requires the host to giveaway a 2-night stay and must be discussed with @canoe_and_lake during scoping requirements. Giveaway reels are created by Canoe & Lake and is additional scope. 

- Drone footage is a significant effort and if required (still / video) this is to be discussed during scoping the project.

Important Notes:

- We are completely booked for stays for 2022 and are only booking for April 2022 onwards.

- Imagery subject to usage rights terms.

- Model / inclusion of other influencers in the stay are subject to rates which are discussed with the host prior to agreement. Ex. If the host wants another influencer to attend this shoot it is likely they have rates.  If the host and Canoe & Lake agree on hired talent this is subject to additional fees.

- Rates cover time, equipment, travel expenses.

Product Collabs:

We only partner with brands that we genuinely feel our customers would love.  This includes, travel, beverages, apparel, camping gear, parenting /kids brands and home goods.  We do not work with fitness, diet or anything food related.