Policies – Canoe and Lake


Last updated: April 1, 2020

During the time of COVID 19 we follow strict production and handing measures and can not have anything returned or exchanged under any circumstance. All sales are final which includes items gifted. Please pay close attention to product description and sizing details.  Options for resale include buy/sell/trade groups however Canoe & Lake is not responsible for any fulfillment of customer support for resold items.  If reselling items it is recommended you follow public health quarantining requirements of all textile and paper products.


Public health officials require quarantining of items that are textiles or paper goods.  This is not something that is feasible for all small businesses due to space for quarantining items properly.  Even big box stores are forcing final sale policies on clothing, bedding, towels and paper goods.  If you were bought a gift from Canoe & Lake please note the purchaser was made aware of the policy at time of purchase.  Reselling Canoe & Lake on buy and sell groups is permitted but Canoe & Lake is not responsible for any fulfillment or quarantine requirements for sales outside of canoeandlake.com

Thank you for understanding.


Local Pick Ups

We do offer local pick ups so long as you can commit to picking up your order within 24 hours of receiving an email stating "Your Order Is ready" which is typically within the first 24 hours of placing your order.


Local pick up is an option at checkout only if you are NOT paying Apple Pay or Paypal. If you do not see the Local Pick Up option at checkout it is likely due to the payment method you are using.


Once an order is placed if shipping has been selected you can not switch to local pick up. We have integrations with our shipping provider so it is not possible to do this once shipping has been selected and paid for at checkout.