Transparency – Canoe and Lake


All Canoe & Lake designs are created exclusively for our brand.  We use premium textiles and take pride in our ethical manufacturing.

Manufacturing for Canoe & Lake takes place in Pakistan for clothing and accessories and packaging in China.  All manufacturers practice fair trade and this means all the working conditions and wages are ethical.  This is reflected in the cost of our products as we do not manufacture in poor conditions or with inexpensive materials.

Our manufacturing partners have worked with us for over 4 years and we have strong business connections.  We are all people and it is important we all see businesses as supporting people regardless of geographical locations.

I would love to manufacture in Canada.  However, the cost and turnaround times for the limited manufacturing facilities here is not scalable for my growing small business.   Furthermore, the minimum requirements are huge for Canadian manufacturing and make it not attainable at the moment.

Furthermore Canadian manufacturing is roughly 3-4x the cost which would mean my product cost with triple which would result in extremely high pricing.